09 July 2012

Southern Stylin'

Hey Y'all!

Since manners are sort of a big deal where I'm from, I just wanted to thank you guys for stopping by- I promise there will be many posts up for your reading my pleasure before you know it! *Echhm* I'm Sydney, by the way (and yes, I'm quite aware. It's not a very southern name. I guess my parents decided Sammy May and Patty Sue just don't have that ring to them that they once did.)

For more about me, I could just send you on over to the 'About Me' page... or, I could just include that page on this post. Hmm... (*Eenie meanie minie moe... IForgotHowTheRestOfThisSongGoes!*)

About Me. 

(...Yeah, yeah, I know.. you're welcome ;)

 I'm Sydney- a southern-born and southern-raised, self-proclaimed fashionista. God has blessed me with a 16 year (and counting) life that I love; spending time with family and friends, going to church, and hitting up a good sale are just a few of my favorite things.I am a fanatic about all things fashion, and it's probably best that we don't count the number of magazines that arrive monthly to my house. (I'm practically a serial tree killer by now!;) I LOVE experimenting with fashion and creating outfits; oftentimes more than I enjoy speaking my southern slang and devouring my grandmother's pecan pie. (A possible sin in the south, you say? Eh, maybe... but we'll keep that between you and me.) 
This blog is the perfect way for me to inspire myself and others through the endless possibilities in fashion. Feel free to ask me any questions- I promise I don't bite... for whatever reason, it's not considered polite here in the south ;)
Y'all are awesome!

I hope you guys enjoy this blog as much as I enjoy posting on it! Keep checking back daily for new looks and posts! 

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