06 September 2012

Happy FNO!

Well, happy official Fashion's Night Out, fellow shopaholics ;) Basically, this is a night dedicated to shopping. A stinking shopping holiday. 

I can die a happy girl.

Tonight, despite my immense amounts of homework I have piling up, I celebrated FNO by treating myself to a shopping outing.Yep- shopping instead of doing my homework. Oh, I am bad. So many local stores were putting on events, though given my time restraints, I could only hit a few.

Nonetheless, I had a blast. I got my hair chalked at Free People (I'll post pictures later, maybe?) and entered in a drawing to win tickets to my city's local Fashion Week. I am pretty excited to have the potential chance to go to a real, live fashion week, not going to lie (...okay, so maybe it wont be quite as grand as NY Fashion week... buuuuuuut and girl can dream, right? ;)

top: Zara
jeans: Miss Me
shoes: TOMS
belt; American Eagle

Are you guys familiar with Fashion's Night Out (FNO)? If so, I wold love to hear of your town's way of celebrating!

31 August 2012

Here's to the Hippies

When I wear these pants, I channel my inner hippie.

Aside from the fact that they are made of quite possibly the coolest pattern I have in my closet, they are like the mother of all soft pants. These babies right here will put you right to sleep if you don't watch it.

Not that that's happened to me or anything... ;)

I have school this morning, so this post has to be short. But I mean, I'm just going along with my hippie persona... we're mellow and free spirited, anyway.

 Shirt: Aeropostale
Jacket: Forever 21
Pants: Lucky Brand
(I wore gladiator sandals from Target, but apparently I am incapable of actually getting them in the picture)

What is your most hippie piece of clothing? I'd love to hear!
Hope y'all have a great Friday! 

29 August 2012

Just to Brighten you Day!

Have you ever heard a kid say something that was so incredibly hilarious, cute, and possibly inappropriate that you almost fell over dead from laughter? 
Have you ever had a less than wonderful day? Endlessly searching for that one thing that could potentially turn that bad day right around?
Would you like to acquire a few new wise sayings that you can add to your 'I'm a freaking comedian' arsenal?
     [yes. Goodness, enough already!]
Well then I have got the thing for you! (Haha, Okay, I'll spare y'all from my terrible attempted salesperson impersonation for the rest of the most. Although I am sure y'all were enjoying it oh-so-much;) Take a look at this precious picture below!

I snapped this from a page in Parenting Magazine. They asked kids to make up their own endings to a few unfurnished sayings.. needless to say, adorable-ness is practically oozing from the page. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did!


I'll try to post today's outfit this afternoon or tomorrow morning. Not going to lie, it is one of my favorites...

26 August 2012

You Must Be Joking.

Before you even scroll down and see my outfit, let me go ahead and tell y'all...yes, I am serious. And so comfy.

 I had every intention to post a different outfit today, one not composed of running shorts and a sleeveless tee. But as I sat down to write this, it* occurred to me.

 Revelation #1: *insert scholarly voice* not everyone dresses up every day, and some days just call for exactly what I was wearing.

And then, revelation #2: Have you ever seen a fashion post dedicated to styling bum clothing? Exactly.

I kept the look fun with baggy, vintage looking tees (usually worn over a visible bandeau) and bright shoes (Nikes are my favs!). Casual jewelry like friendship bracelets and a watch are a must for the wrist, and I love adding a small pendant necklace.

So here you go, fashion blogging world. Go ahead, laugh at me. You will thank me later;)

sleeveless tee- vintage
shorts- Nike
shoes- Nike
bandeau- Francesca's (worn underneath baggy tee)
necklace- unknown
wrist jewelry- Michael Kors / Pandora / souvenir

Have y'all adjusted to the 'fashion demands' of the school/work year?-(aka dressing cute 5 days of the week (five whole days!).

22 August 2012

Let the Fun Begin

On August 20, the fun began.

 And by fun, I mean school.

And by school, I mean torture.

Yep, summer is over for me. Like, hold up, dude. Was it ever even here?! It feels like I hardly had a break.. and I defiantly don't want to go to school. I will say, however, that school always forces me and my lazy self to get dressed nicely, as opposed to my usual summer attire. (And I get to see my buddies.. yes, that is good ;)

But aside from that, there really isn't much more I can say I like. It's to the point now where I am considering spending too much time in the newly painted hallways, thus inhaling an excessive amount of paint fumes, therefore sending me to the ER where I will be far away from school. (Hahah, kidding, kidding! I guess I don't hate it that much.)

Top: Aeropostale
Jeans: Gap
Scarf: street vendor in NY
Flats: unknown
Watch: Michael Kors

Do y'all have much of summer left, or has the immense fun of the school/workday started back up again with full force?

18 August 2012

Comfy 101

There comes a day in every girl's life where comfy dressing trumps cute. (Psht. Who am I kidding? I live in Ts and lounge pants for half my life) And, today was one of those days for me, my friends.

Going out in running shorts and a T would have been perfectly acceptable ... except for the fact that literally all of my lounging clothes were dirty. Seriously?! (I should probably be pretty embarrassed for telling you that, because not having any clean 'comfy clothes' meant that I must have worn every single one of them so frequently that I have none left.)

Left without my ideal wardrobe pick, I went with the next closest thing- boyfriend jeans, a baggy shirt, and a comfy cardigan. I'm not saying it was the same as my worn in sweats and pocket T, but at least I was comfortable- and in the end, that's all that matters;) 

(I'll be the first to tell ya, those wedges were for the picture only. This girl right here exchanged 'em for the comfiest flats she owned after this pic was snapped;)

Shirt: Urban Outfitters
Cardigan: Victoria's Secret
Jeans: For All Mankind
Shoes: Old Navy
Belt: Urban Outfitters
Necklace: F21
Braclets: Vintage

What's your go-to comfy outfit? I'd Love to hear from ya!

17 August 2012

Stains Look Best on White

Fact: I am a stain magnet.

Stains have apparently found a way to show their love for me by generously positioning themselves on the most noticeable places ever. Maybe this is just me, but I've noticed that anytime I try to prevent spilling something or manage to actually get food in my mouth rather than in my lap (Let's be honest, I wear more spaghetti than I actually eat), I only seem to make the almighty stain gods angry. In turn, they hurl ugly stain splotches back at me.

Tonight, I have plans to grab some snow cones with some friends. And we all know good and well that those suckers are a mess waiting to happen. But I refuse to pass up one of these decadent treats for fear of getting smited by the stain gods and receiving the mother of all stains.
...Because that would happen to me. In public, too.

So, yeah...there is no question about it. Whatever I wear tonight will come home with a few extra colors and textures. Might as well wear my stain loud and proud. ;)

eyelet top: Aeropostale
distressed shorts: Free People
beaded belt: American Eagle
brown necklace (long): Urban Outfitters
wishbone necklace (short): Vintage, gifted

Are you in good graces with the stain gods, or are you in the same boat with me?
Hope y'all have a great day!