29 August 2012

Just to Brighten you Day!

Have you ever heard a kid say something that was so incredibly hilarious, cute, and possibly inappropriate that you almost fell over dead from laughter? 
Have you ever had a less than wonderful day? Endlessly searching for that one thing that could potentially turn that bad day right around?
Would you like to acquire a few new wise sayings that you can add to your 'I'm a freaking comedian' arsenal?
     [yes. Goodness, enough already!]
Well then I have got the thing for you! (Haha, Okay, I'll spare y'all from my terrible attempted salesperson impersonation for the rest of the most. Although I am sure y'all were enjoying it oh-so-much;) Take a look at this precious picture below!

I snapped this from a page in Parenting Magazine. They asked kids to make up their own endings to a few unfurnished sayings.. needless to say, adorable-ness is practically oozing from the page. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did!


I'll try to post today's outfit this afternoon or tomorrow morning. Not going to lie, it is one of my favorites...

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