09 August 2012

Liar, Liar..

Yep, I know what you are thinking... 

She said she was going to wear shorts. I am lookin' for some pants on fire, because I most defiantly spot a liar. 

Easy there, tiger!  I actually do have a pretty legitimate reason to help my case- just a tad, anyways.

I went to work with my daddy! No, seriously! I did!

And I must admit, it was really, really neat. My dad works in the magazine industry, which is where I have a feeling that I will wind up working at, too.For some time now, we have been talking about arranging a day where I can sit in and talk with some of the designers, editors, and marketers, and today we (finally!) got around to doing it.

Anyway, moral of the story: shorts don't fare well in an office full of professionals. Alas, it was the maxi skirt that I went with ;)

Skirt: Private Gallery
Shirt: Jessica Simpson Collection (Belk)
Jacket: Forever 21
Watch: Michael Kors


  1. Good choice on the maxi skirt!!!

    1. Thank you, Ashley! Glad I have back up on this one;)

  2. Love the combo of the jean jacket with the black maxi! You obviously have great style :)

    XoXo Brenna


    1. Thank you so much, girlie!
      That means so much coming from you (You know, since I'm pretty much obsessed with your blog and everything you wear;)

  3. haha...you're funny Sydney! Thank God you went with the maxi skirt because take it from me (I think I am old enough to be your mum..haha), SHORTS won't be good for you in the office. Love your denim jacket & thanks for that wonderful comment btw!!


    1. Hahah, thank you Rebecca! Yeah, believe me, I'm also glad I didn't bring my shorts party to the office;)
      You are so welcome, girl!(I just can't get enough of your blog!)

  4. WOW, a magazine, that job sounds like a lot of fun! Yes, definitely, the maxi skirt was a much better choice! And that jean jacket just kept the look very young and fresh! BTW, thanks for leaving me that lovely comment on my blog!


    1. My thoughts exactly! I am glad you liked the outfit! Thank you:)
      And you're welcome- I have really enjoyed reading it! You have great fashion taste!


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