14 July 2012


Vacation is one of my favorite parts of summer, no doubt.  The anticipation, the excitement, and the packing (okay, so maybe I'm alone on the last one ;) get me in the vacation mindset, and then before you know it, the day of your trip has arrived.

 Can't wait to go here again!

And since yesterday was spent packing, that means today... we leave for VACATION!

For now, I have a week-long date with mother nature, a tent, and some camping equipment. I will be home on the 22.. so hold tight until then! 

 Hope y'all enjoy yourselves this week!

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  1. i love travelling too! that really is the best thing about summer--though i don't have summer in my country :D can't wait for your vacation trip!

    you have a cute blog--and i see you just started it--mind to follow each other? :)


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